Korea’s Educational System

Korea’s educational system for its University slightly differs from Indonesia’s. In Indonesia, Universities mostly provide only educational provision not including the livelihood environment. Meanwhile, the Korea’s universities provide dormitories for its students so that they focus on their study and have full access to their study. Additionally, with the dormitory facillity, the univs can guarantee a minimum standard for its students because they give them a lot of basic needs to live in the dorm.

Talking about educational system, we need to know the class and how the lecturing going on. If Indonesia’s university has more than 60 students per lecturing class, I believe that Korean classes are mostly small. I’ve never had any class with more than 20 students in it. So the professor can easily recognize all of the students and give the best treatment for each of them, depending on one’s characters. Psychologically speaking, students tend to get unfocus when the class is huge and there are a lot of students, they might be talking to each other. Because the class is small, so every student will stay focus on the lecture.

My Web and Design Class

My Web and Design Class


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  1. Ghiffari Says:

    most of Indonesia’s university follow American’s University which has a class with more than 80 students, kun.

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