A Winner of Ahn Jung-Geun’s Writing Essay Contest

Bronze Medal

Bronze Medal

As exchange student, I really love to learn Korean culture. One big moment of it was when Korea Times held a writing competition about one of Korea’s greatest patriots, Ahn Jung-Geun. Spending two months researching on him, I wrote an essay to join this essay competition as part of my effort for personal-competence proof and as a mean to learn more about Korea.

Among 553 foreigners, my essay was picked up as the bronze winner. Among 6 winners, I was the only non-native English speaker winners since the other 3 are from United Kingdom, 1 from Canada, and 1 from United States. This also means I’m the only ASEAN and Asian winners among foreigners.

Ahn Jung-Geun's Essay Winners

Ahn Jung-Geun's Essay Winners

I was so glad accepting the reward. Held in Seoul Plaza Hotel, one of the best hotels in Seoul, the awarding ceremony was really nice, with definitely delicious lunch provided afterward. Present during the award ceremony were the head of North East Asia History Foundation and The Korea Times’ head of publication.

안중근 3

안중근 3

Besides taught me more of Korean history, this competition also gave me more chance for broadening my human networks. I managed to make friends with a Canadian teacher who is working in UNESCO and is going to go to Harvard next year. I also still keep in touch with a brilliant student from Ewha Women University, the best Women University in Korea


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