About Nasikun

[Personal Information]
Full Name : Ahmad Nasikun
Nick Name : Nasikun
PoB/DoB : Jepara, 8 Januari 1988
Nationality : Indonesia
Religion : Islam
Height : 169 cm
Weight : 54 kg
Mobil Phone : 62-878-3373-5238
E-mail : nasikun_jpr@yahoo.com dan nasikun.jpr@gmail.com
Address : Plajan RT 29/ RW V Mlonggo, Jepara, 59452
Mailing Address : Jalan Kaliurang km 8, Gang Nakula No.5, Ngabean Lor, Sleman, Yogyakarta
[Academic Records]
1994 – 2000 : Public Elementary School SDN Plajan V Mlongo Jepara
2000 – 2003 : Public Junior High School SMP N 1 Pecangaan Jepara
2003 – 2005 : Semesta Semarang High School
2005 – 2006 : Gaithersburg High School, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
2006 – 2007 : Semesta Semarang High School
2007 – 2009 : Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Gadjah Mada University
2009 : Daejeon University, Daejeon, South Korea
2010 – now : Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Gadjah Mada University
1. International Conference of ICT for Local Government Association for Disaster Risk Reduction by UN-ISDR, Incheon, South Korea, August 11th – 13th 2009.
2. BIEN 2009: INWES (International Networks of Women Engineers and Scientiests) Asian Network. “Women in Green Technology towards Sustainable Asia.” By INWES Asia. Busan, South Korea, August 27th – 29th 2009.
3. Energy Development in Korea—Past, Present, Future by KEEI (Korea Energy Economics Institute) April 16, 2009.
4. Green Energy and Green Marketing by KISTEP (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation & Planning) April 30, 2009.
5. Particle Accelerator by KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) May 14, 2009.
[Special Skills]
1. Microsoft Office proficiency (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Ms Visio, and Ms Project)
2. Computer Programming (C, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java [certified by Sun Microsystem with SCJP])
3. Computer Animation and Graphics Design Animasi (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, CorelDraw, Adobe Premiere, and MovieMaker)
4. Web Programming (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, ASP, PHP, and MySQL)
5. Martial Arts (Karate and Taekwondo)
6. English Proficiency and Korean Language Understanding (TOEFL IPT Score of 593 by Gadjah Mada University in August 2007, 605 by LBA Interlingua English Training Course, English-Indonesian translator in ALTUS Translating, and English Private Teacher in NFI)
1. MICROSOFT Innovation Center, Electrical Engineering, Ugm (Oktober 2008)
2. LBA Interlingua (English Learning) (September – Now)
3. ESQ Emotional Training (April 2008)
4. LMT (Leadership Management Training) (Oktober 2007) DAN TELESCOP (Leadhersip Traininng) (Februari 2008)
5. JAVA For Mobile Application (Mei 2008)
6. WEB Programing And Design (Desember 2007)
7. Korean Language Course by International Science and Engineer Member (SEM), Daejeon University, 2009.
[Prestasi Akademik]
1. Participating in Students Exchange Program by ASEAN University Network (AUN) in Daejeon University, South Korea, for 2 semesters, March – December 2009.
2. Bronze Winner on English Writing Essay Contest by Korea Times, October 2009.
3. Participating in Students Exchange Program by AFS in Gaithersburg High School, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA July 2005-June 2006.
4. 1st Winner of Mathematics Competition in Central Java for High School Students in 2005.
5. 1st Winner of Mathematics Olympiad in Semarang, by Ministry of Education in 2006.
6. Semifinalist of Chemistry Olympiad ITS Surabaya 2006
7. Semifinalist of Pharmacy UNAIR 2006.
8. Semifinalist of Mathematics UNNES Semarang 2003 and 2006
9. Semifinalist of Mathematics Competition UNDIP Semarang 2005.
10. Best Graduate of Semesta Semarang High School 2007
11. Best Graduate of SMP N 1 Pecangaan Junior High School 2003


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